Model and Hobby Exhibition, Leipzig

11. October 2004

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Saxony in “Piccolo Fever”!

The positive early signs were confirmed for the the MODEL & HOBBY exhibition in conjunction with the LEIPZIG TOY FESTIVAL which took place from 8-10 October 2004. The exhibition attracted 95,000 visitors to the Leipzig exhibition centre, making this the largest event of its kind in the industry in the “new” (former eastern) states of Germany.
(2003: 93.000 visitors).

Naturally, the SIMBA-DICKIE-GROUP was also involved with a large community stand in hall 3. In addition to models by Tamiya, Carson, Scalextric and Bburago, there were also Piccolo releases and all the other current models manufactured by SCHUCO to be admired.

This year SCHUCO had a real gem for its customers – and not just for Piccolo fans. The Piccolo special model Wartburg 311 Coupé "Modell & Hobby 2004", which will be particularly popular with collectors in the new (former eastern) states of Germany, was launched in a unique edition, limited to 777 pieces throughout the world. It was available both at the SCHUCO fair stand and from various dealers at the fair. The demand was enormous, as was the crush around the cabinets displaying SCHUCO models.

We are already looking forward to the new edition for 2005, which, for the first time, will run for four days (30 September – 3 October). All fans of models, especially Schuco enthusiasts, should make a point of fixing the date in their diaries. It’ll be worth it…

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