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01. December 2006

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Members ensure Schuco has a full house!

The collectors club which was relaunched in May 2006 for all fans of Schuco products continues to cause a sensation. The highlight of the first year of the new Collectors Club, which will shortly welcome its 1000th member, took place on 25 November 2006 at Schuco’s headquarters in Fürth, Germany.

Many of the members had travelled many hundreds of kilometres to be there. The Schuco team opened the doors almost an hour ahead of the scheduled time on account of the huge crowd waiting to participate in the entertaining and unforgettable day.

After refreshments of German Christmas specialities, Stollen and Lebkuchen, members had the opportunity to visit Schuco’s showrooms or to participate in a tour of the SIMBA DICKIE GROUP’s other rooms open to the public. The visitors, of whom there were almost 200, were visibly impressed by the ranges offered by the Simba, Dickie, Big, Tamiya, Carson, Noris and Giochi Preziosi brands. Outside, there was a small “vintage” meeting where members could admire historic tractors, fire engines, trucks and Red Cross vehicles. One of the highlights was the opportunity to take a Mercedes Benz Bus O 319, in which members were transported to the SIMBA DICKIE GROUP’s works sale. At the same time, many visitors took the opportunity to participate in a swap shop of Schuco models. In addition to the usual Schuco range, there were individual items, samples, blanks and various special models to admire. Some showpieces gave information about the expensive process of manufacturing tin models.

At lunchtime, all the members met in the casino and were welcomed by the managing director, Uwe Weiler. He also spoke about the SIMBA DICKIE GROUP and presented gifts to the member who was the first to register with the club and to the one who had travelled the longest distance to attend the meeting (Rockwell C. Cramer from El Paso, Texas). After Schuco’s Sales Director, Norbert Reims had given a talk about the history and philosophy of the Schuco brand, Michael Baumgärtner, Director of Product Management, revealed secrets of a few new releases in advance of the fairs in 2007. The Marketing Manager, Markus Hirsch, reported on the club’s year of 2006 and presented the club’s exclusive services for 2007. Finally, guests had the opportunity to ask questions about all sorts of aspects concerning Schuco and its activities.

After an extensive Franconian buffet, typical of this region of Germany, members took advantage of the many previously mentioned offers or took the opportunity to chat to one another and the members of the Schuco team who were all in attendance.

The final event of an extremely successful day was a tombola in which there were both Schuco models and other items manufactured by the SIMBA DICKIE GROUP to be won. Before members embarked upon their return journeys in the late afternoon, they were presented with a surprise goody bag which included a limited edition Schuco collectors’ mug.

Club members and the Schuco team will remember this day for a long time to come.

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