Porsche race transporter on a scale of 1:18

30. August 2009

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Dear model car fans,

We are delighted to be able to tell you about a surprising and unusual decision which we at Dickie-Schuco have made with Premium Classixxs.

You will no doubt recall that at the Toy Fair the two companies announced independently of one another the launch the Porsche race transporter on a scale of 1:18, an extraordinary miniature model with numerous features produced with unbelievable, authentic detail.

In the ever-tightening market of high-quality collectors’ models, these concurrent developments are unfortunately almost the order of the day. This is often unfortunate for collectors, manufacturers and specialist dealers but, sadly, it cannot always be avoided.

If the situation affects the smaller sizes of 1:87 or 1:43, it is an irritation, but it is all the more vexing when it affects a model on a scale of 1:18 as the development costs are well into six figures. It is self evident that there is not room on the market for two identical models of this size.

Therefore we have agreed with Premium Classixxs that we will develop this extraordinary miniature together. Both the development and the model releases have been undertaken jointly. The models will differ in that they will have different base stamps and different packaging.

Model car fans can look forward to a real treat: with its overall length of more than 60 cm and weighing almost 6 kg, the miniature will set new standards. Breath-taking features, such as openable doors allowing a view of a perfectly reproduced interior, and a highly detailed chassis will impress you, as will an authentically functioning mechanism in the storage space and the perfect paintwork.

We are certain that in taking this decision we have acted in the interests of collectors and dealers. We are hope we have whetted your appetite for a unique and fascinating model that will be launched simultaneously by both companies in February 2010.

You can see photos of an advanced prototype here.

With greetings from Fürth,

The Schuco Team

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