Toy Fair 2014

29. January 2014

Dear SCHUCO fans,

The 65th Toy Fair is upon us, providing international manufacturers with the opportunity to showcase their latest releases for 2014. Once again it is model collectors, in particular, who await the start of the fair with greatest anticipation and are eager to get their hands on beautifully crafted new models.

And this year it is not only Schuco's fair stand that has undergone a facelift - the company's range of products has been extended and further improved, now boasting an even wider selection of diverse and attractive models. Besides the well-known scales, Schuco will present three new product lines.

One of these new editions is the Schuco Edition 1:64. Schuco hopes this new collectors' series will be a continuation of the great success experienced by the Schuco 1:66 models in the 1970s. Thanks to the models, such as a 1960 VW Beetle, a Porsche 911 Turbo (1975), an Audi R8 Coupé and a Porsche Boxster S (981), this series is a must have for collectors young and old.

A special highlight is the recently launched Schuco Aviation product group. This edition presents aeroplanes at various scales. From planes of the 1:600 scale series, which nestle snugly in your palm, to the Dornier Do X, which weighs in at roughly 5 kg and measures 55 cm in length, at the new scale of 1:72.

Collectors of the legendary Schuco Piccolo models can look forward to some very special highlights. In the future, the Piccolo Espresso Edition will present limited edition espresso cups decorated with Schuco images together with a themed Schuco Piccolo model. The collectors' catalogue provides Piccolo fans with a detailed overview of their collections, and the new board game "The Great Piccolo Race" allows them to participate in an exciting race. The name "The Small Racing Car Mechanic" gives you some idea of what to expect from this brand new product. A Piccolo kit inspired by and modelled on the widely acclaimed Studio kit of the classic tin-plated series. These and other new releases ensure a magical product portfolio that is guaranteed to make the heart of every collector miss a beat.

The Schuco Classic Line with its high-quality tin-plated toys will also feature a number of new releases. The Rollfix 1085 with a new paint scheme and the new Rollfix Cabriolet seek to build on the success of the predecessor model and promise to be a huge hit with fans. Further new tin-plated releases, such as the Grand-Prix Studio I kit, the new edition of the legendary Curvo and the Charly, as well as an Examico sectional model, round off the range.

Edition 43 presents numerous new models of old and new vehicles. Besides the Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Coupé and the Audi R8 Spyder, wonderfully combined vehicles and trailers, like a VW Beetle 1200 towing a caravan, an Opel Kadett B with the popular small caravan "Knaus Schwalbennest" and a VW T1 that has been converted into a car transporter and loaded with two sporty F125s, offer a perfectly coordinated range of products.

"Goal! Goal! Goal!" is the current motto of the Pro.R43 series from Schuco. To mark the 60th anniversary of the "Miracle of Bern" and to celebrate the FIFA World Cup in Brazil this summer, Schuco has produced a high-quality model of the bus used by the West German team at the 1954 World Cup. This set even comes with models of the then West German coach, Sepp Herberger, the captain of the World Cup winning team, Fritz Walter, and the Jules Rimet trophy.

In addition to tractors, Schuco has also decided to add passenger cars and commercial vehicles to its popular 1:32 scale. The new releases include a highly detailed Fuchs excavator 301, three MAN trucks, a VW Beetle and two Karmann Ghias.

The Pro.R32 line, a firm favourite with Schuco fans after its successful launch last year, has been enhanced with Holder tractors, a VW T1 Camper and a VW T1 flat-bed truck.

The new biking season will soon be under way and Schuco is proud to announce some brand new motorcycles at a scale of 1:10. Besides a number of classic bikes, such as the Victoria Avanti and the Simson Schwalbe, this range now also includes two modern-day motorcycles, the BMW R 1200 GS and the BMW S 1000 RR.

One of the highest quality and most detailed model ranges from Schuco, the Edition 1:18 Exclusive, presents a new version of the successful Cooper, the T53 #1 "World Champion 1960", a VW T1 Westfalia Camper with roof rack and many more models.

A number of classic vehicles, like the VW T1 racing transporter "Bunker" and the Mercedes-Benz 600 hearse, are the result of the new 1:18 scale Edition PRO.R18, an extension of the PRO.R series.

We wish you lots of enjoyment with the Schuco new releases 2014 and hope you find our portfolio wide, accomplished and diverse. Further information can be found in the respective sections.

Enjoy reading the latest product brochure:

With greetings from Fürth,


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