Schuco Collectors Meeting 2015

05. November 2015

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Collectors were invited, for the second time, to spend a wonderful day with the Schuco team at the SIMBA-DICKIE GROUP headquarters in Fürth, Germany, on 31.10.2015. Once again there was a feeling of anticipation and excitement as the doors opened at 9 am and the visitors entered the building. The hall quickly filled up with guests and the supporting programme commenced on time at 9.30 am with an informative presentation by Peter Brunner. Recent issues were discussed and there was a sneak preview of what is to come in 2016. The founders of the online forum, Manfred Kutschera and Fossi Krause-Held, were presented to the assembled guests and awarded for their tireless enthusiasm and hard work.

The special sale at the well stocked Schuco Shop started at 11 am, and throngs of expectant buyers headed towards the counters to purchase sought after items. Laden with large bags of goodies, they then hurried off to the next activities. Aside from a guided tour through all the SIMBA-DICKIE-GROUP showrooms, Schuco enthusiasts were given an opportunity to show off their knowledge of all things model related.

The title "Schuco Parts Service" gives a surprisingly accurate idea of what was in store. The visitors were sat at a table. In front of them were six models, and six spare parts hidden beneath a cloth. As soon as the cloth was removed, staff timed how long it took competitors to match the individual spare parts to the respective models. There was certainly no lack of ambition among the entrants and this created a highly competitive atmosphere. Everyone wanted to be one of the three finalists and take home a prize.

But it was not just "Schuco Parts Service" that had the grey matter working over time, "Schuco Feeling" also put collectors to the test. The aim of the game was to only use your hands to feel your way and guess the right models. This was actually more difficult than some of the participants initially imagined.

The "Schuco Assembly Competition" gave visitors the chance to demonstrate their skill at removing and assembling the individual wheels of the Studio I model. The time achieved by this year's competition winner moved him into third place on the all-time rankings.

Parallel to this, guests had the opportunity to marvel at and purchase individual pieces and blanks of various special and industrial models in the Casino.

As usual there were plenty of refreshments available to enjoy and the contented visitors then discovered the winners of the individual competitions. Moreover, each guest received a tombola ticket and thus the chance to win one of the many attractive prizes on offer.

To round off the extremely successful day, the guests were presented with a surprise goody bag, which included the much sought after Piccolo Mini Cooper "Schuco Collectors Meeting 2015", limited to just 500 pieces. But that was not all: visitors additionally received a VW T1 Bus, also in the "Collectors Meeting" design, limited to just 300 pieces. 

We are already pleased to announce the date of the next Collectors Meeting, which will be held on Saturday 29 October 2016.

With greetings from Fürth,

The Schuco Team  

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