Following the huge success of the 1.5 tonne Opel Blitz truck in the 1930s, in 1952 Opel launched a 1.75 tonne model to replace its
prewar predecessor. With its American-inspired design, the Opel Blitz was a true trendsetter in the history of German post-war trucks.
Its 2.5 litre, 6-cylinder 58 hp engine helped the Blitz to reach a maximum speed of almost 100 kilometres per hour. Thanks to its
sophisticated and extremely reliable design, the Blitz 1.75 T was used by the Deutsche Bundespost (German Federal Post Office),
government authorities and the private sector, as well as the Porsche racing service. Almost 90,000 vehicles of this series were sold
between 1952 and 1960.


Warning! Not suitable for children under 14 years.

  • Period: Historic
  • Material: Zinc Diecast
  • Scale: 1:43
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