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PRO.R 43

1972 BMW Turbo X1 E25, 1:43

The BMW Turbo X1 sports car was developed for the 1972 Olympics as a pure technology carrier and as a design item, with which to try out and demonstrate new safety concepts and propulsion technologies.

The breathtaking concept study of the BMW chief designer, at that time, Paul Bracq was simply known as the BMW Turbo. For the first time in Europe, he had used a deformable plastic bumper. The aerodynamic sports car with the extremely flat, sleek bodywork, received as the highlight the characteristic gullwing doors.

The original BMW Turbo X1 was equipped with a 4-cylinder petrol engine from the 02 series. Despite the relatively low cubic capacity of just two litres, thanks to the  turbocharger, with 206 kW and 280 hp it was able to accelerate in about 6.6 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h and reach a maximum speed of 250 km/h.

The BMW Turbo X1 was never mass-produced, although it did provide the foundation stone for the development of the legendary BMW M1. Many of the ideas and design details gained from the vehicle, such as the pop-up headlamps and the two BMW logos on the rear reappeared later on the BMW M1.

Schuco is going to produce in a limited edition of 1,000 pieces a miniature model of this legendary 1972 BMW Turbo X1, to a scale of 1:43 in the PRO R line.

This line, consisting of resin as the material, stands for exceptional and highly filigree small series models. By means of this highgrade model material, it is possible to produce very rare and exotic exemplary vehicles in perfect quality and also in low and exclusive production runs.


Warning! Not suitable for children under 14 years.

VW Käfer "Porsche Service" Beutler Pick Up with Carrera-Motor, 1:43

On 30 July 2003, a small party took place in Puebla, Mexico, when the ultima edición, a true classic, the 21.529.464, a Harvest Moon Beige model of the very last Beetle left the Mexican Volkswagen factory thus terminating the production history of the Beetle after almost 60 years. Emanating from Germany, the Beetle had contributed to the motorization of over 150 countries. Apart from the standard version, there were also many more variants on the market. A special commercial vehicle variant was the VW Beetle Beutler Flatbed Truck.

The Swiss bodywork manufacturer Carosserie + Spritzwerk Beutler AG, established in 1943 by the Beutler brothers, specialized on vehicle conversions. Used as the basis, the VW Beetle was manually converted from 1951 onwards into convertibles, small delivery and flatbed trucks. Thanks to its payload of 250 kg, the flatbed truck was an outstanding means of transport in post-war Germany due to the favourable purchase price. Schuco is copying the VW Beetle Beutler Flatbed Truck, laden with a Porsche 356 Carrera engine, as a miniature model in a scale of 1:43 so as to enable every fan to purchase this classic for their own display cabinet.

The 1:43 size series from Schuco offers a wide-ranging selection of high-grade and very detailed models of die-cast zinc and resin. The model range in this sector extends from old timers to the very latest vehicles, consisting of legendary and renowned racing cars. The wide choice and vehicle parts reproduced down to the
smallest detail in the highest quality, such as filigree exterior mirrors, aerials, windscreen wipers or door handles, makes this series into a permanent fixture in the most popular scale for collectors.


Warning! Not suitable for children under 14 years.

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