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"Unveiled at the Frankfurt motor show in September 1963 as the Porsche 901, this car was the long awaited successor of the Porsche 356, the German brand’s first series production sports car. However, French carmaker Peugeot claimed a patent on all three-digit car names with a zero in the middle and objected to the designation ""901"". This led to a swift change of number and the fabled ""911"" was born. Now available in various body styles, including a coupé, targa or cabriolet, the ""911"" meets almost every demand. Furthermore, various levels of engine power are available and can be combined with rear-wheel and four-wheel drive powertrains. These combinations provide a range of vehicles, from normal road to racing car variants, which meet the challenges of everyday life. The Porsche 911 is also still highly successful in various racing series due to a number of exclusive racing variants. This further underlines its global reputation as the greatest sports car of all time. The Schuco model range boasts various series of the Porsche 911 in varying scales. The G-model of the Porsche 911 Coupé from SCHUCO in 1:43 scale looks just like its big brother. As is expected of Schuco models, a number of key features have been reproduced exactly with the greatest attention to detail."


Warning! Not suitable for children under 14 years.

  • Period: Historic
  • Material: Resine
  • Model brand: Porsche
  • Scale: 1:43
  • Edition: 500 pcs
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