When the first 12 models in the Schuco-Piccolo series were launched in 1957 nobody had any idea at that stage that these models would still enjoy immense popularity sixty years later. This is no doubt attributed to the simple, robust and thus charming design of the models, which originally owed their appearance to the new die-cast technology of the time.  Schuco Piccolos still make a good impression today on account of their excellent running qualities and their heavy zinc die-casting design. This Piccolo VW T1  “VW service vehicle” double cab pick-up has a limited edition of exactly 500. A fine addition to any Piccolo and VW model collection. 


Warning! Not suitable for children under 14 years.

  • Period: Historic
  • Material: Zinc Diecast
  • Model brand: Volkswagen
  • Scale: Piccolo
  • Edition: 500 pcs

VW T1 double cab pick-up "VW Service"

  • Article number: 450557400
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