First unveiled in 1954, Schuco Micro Racers are now once again an integral part of the Schuco Classic range. The Schuco Micro Racers still exude the irresistible charm of the traditional, mechanical toy from our childhood days thanks to their extremely robust and resilient metal design. Each Micro Racer comes with a particularly fast and long-running spring mechanism, the so-called Micro Screw, which can be used to adjust the steering precisely for flying down the finishing straight, and a lever that stops the spring mechanism and releases free-wheeling. In 1957, the Micro Racer series was complemented with four models of contemporary jet planes, the so-called Micro Jets. In terms of quality and performance, the new edition of the Super Sabre F100 Micro Jet, which is still produced using original Schuco tools, is every bit as good as the original. The Super Sabre F100 Micro Jet assembly kit allows you to discover and understand the complex mechanical operations of the Micro Jet when putting the model together. The assembly kit comes in an impressive vintage-looking gift box. The kit is supplied in a replica of the original 1950s packaging.


Warning! Not suitable for children under 14 years.

  • Period: Historic
  • Material: Sheet metal
  • Edition: 1000 pcs

Micro Jet "Super Sabre F100" construction kit

  • Article number: 450178200
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