Manufactured in limited quantities in the 1950s as a showpiece for Schuco specialist retailers, the Schuco sectional models are now much sought-after and expensive rarities. The Studio I Mercedes Silver Arrow has also been the true icon of the Schuco toy portfolio for many decades now. The realistically replicated details of this legendary racing car and the high quality finish ensure it remains a genuine legend for collectors and toy enthusiasts alike. The elaborately hand-crafted body of the bright red Studio sectional model provides a wonderful view of the faithfully recreated rack-and-pinion steering and the fully functional rear-axle differential. Needless to say, it offers all the typical functions of Studio I models, such as fully functional steering, removable wheels and technically advanced winding mechanism. The Studio I sectional model, mounted on a top quality wooden base and limited to just 500 copies worldwide, is sure to become a valuable and highly sought-after collectible.


Warning! Not suitable for children under 14 years.

  • Period: Historic
  • Material: Sheet metal
  • Model brand: Mercedes-Benz
  • Edition: 500 pcs

Studio I cutaway model, red

  • Article number: 450111700
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