The HY was born in 1948. Post-war France had much need for utility vehicles to help rebuild the country and kick-start the economy. It was under the guidance of Pierre Boulanger that this vehicle appeared, with practicality, solidity and recycling existing parts being its main objectives. It would make many a tradesman happy, along with the fire department or the national police force. Here, the HY has become a fan truck used in delighting supporters of the ‘En Avant Guingamp’ Club with numerous goodies at the exit of the Roudourou stadium! Solido presents the die-cast Citroën HY in 1:18 scale. The model comes with many lovingly crafted details, such as opening and a functioning steering system.


Warning! Not suitable for children under 14 years.

The HY saw the light of day in 1948. Post-war France needed utility vehicles to rebuild the country and boost the economy. It was under the guidance of Pierre Boulanger that the car was born, with the main priority being practicality, solidity, and reusing existing parts from the brand. Its development was started back during the war in the greatest secrecy in order to avoid drawing the attention of the invader. Its loading capacity was set at 1200 kg, and it remained a fixture in French society for decades, being produced until 1981.


1:18 Citroën HY "Spar", 1969

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