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Kirovets K 700 1:87
Kirovets K 700 1:87
Kirovets K 700 1:87

Kirovets K 700 1:87

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Its dimensions alone make the Kirovets K-700 all,wheel drive tractor something special at every tractor meeting and, of course, in
every tractor collection. Developed from the end of the 50s by the Russian manufacturer, Kirovets, the first prototype of the K-700
left the factory gates in Leningrad in July 1962. Between 1962 and 1975, well over 100,000 K-700s were produced. With an 8-cylinder
diesel engine, developing 215 hp, sand centre-pivot steering, from 1968, the numbers exported to the GDR were also not insignificant.
Known for its extreme reliability and very efficient, especially on large agricultural areas, using a K-700 could triple productivity
compared with the Fortschritt ZT 300. However, to be able to make the best, economical use of a Kirovets K-700 in the state-controlled
agriculture of the GDR, separate fields had to be joined up to form large acreages. It was also calculated that a K-700 had to be
worked for at least 1400 hours per year to be profitable. Since this was impossible with single-shift working, a two-shift system was
introduced for agricultural production collectives equipped with the K-700. Schuco is going to produce a miniature model of this
Kirovets K700 to a scale of 1:87. Edition 1:87 models come with a metal body and chassis. As is expected of Schuco models, a number of
key features have been reproduced exactly with the greatest attention to detail. These models are the perfect choice for model
railways enthusiasts, diorama makers and die-hard model collectors.


Attention ! Ne convient pas aux enfants de moins de 14 ans.


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Lorenz Kurt




muss zugeben, dass ich anhand dieser Abbildung skeptisch war, aber ich war sehr positiv überrascht nachdem ich dieses Modell geliefert bekommen habe.
das Modell ist sehr gut gelungen und dazu noch Preiswert.
für diesen Preis, sollte man sehr zufrieden sein.

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Klaus-Uwe Voigt



K 700

Ein sehr gut gelungenes Modell, bin sehr überrascht.

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